Lab Alumni

  • Nicola Khan (PhD 2015) – The trans-generational effects of maternal stress on Zebra Finch (Taenopygia guttata). Supervised by Kylie Robert & Richard Peters (La Trobe)


  • Rhys Madkissi (Honours 2017) – Do juvenile Guthega skink (Liopholis guthega) mimic the colour patterns of the distasetful Alpine grasshopper (Monistra concinna) as an aposematic mechanism to avoid predation? Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe) & Zak Atkins (La Trobe)


  • Alicia Dimovski (Honours 2016) – Mitigating the ecological impacts of artificial lighting in the highly synchronous breeding Tammar wallaby. Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe)


  • Melissa Walker (Honours 2016) – Dietary energetics in Gould’s wattled bats. Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe) & Steve Griffiths (La Trobe)


  • Rob Hayes (Honours 2016) – Who’s your daddy? Investigating mating and social systems of the Guthega skink (Liopholis guthega). Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe) & David Chapple (Monash)


  • Angela Russell (Honours 2016) – Wildlife and roads: A killer combination. Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe)

  • James Buxton (Honours 2015) – An investigation into the function of pilosity and sculpturing in ants. Supervised by Heloise Gibb (La Trobe) & Kylie Robert (La Trobe)

  • Scott Turnbridge (Honours 2015) – Are mammals important pollinators of Grevillea obtecta? Supervised by Susan Hoebee (La Trobe), Trevor Edwards(La Trobe) & Kylie Robert (La Trobe)


  • Jacinta Humphrey (Honours 2014) – Ecology and management of the Swamp Skink (Lissolepis coventryi) at Cardinia Reservoir. Supervised by Steve Leonard (La Trobe) & Kylie Robert (La Trobe)


  • Danielle Eastick (Honours 2014) – Does the cassowary’s casque have a thermoregulartory role? Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe) & John Lesku (La Trobe)


  • Zak Atkins (Honours 2013) – Ecology of the Guthega skink (Liopholis guthega) in relation to fire history in the Bogong High Plains. Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe) Nick Clemann (Arthur Rylah Institute) & David Chapple (Monash)


  • Lydia Rehenberg (Honours 2013) – Social interaction and environmental enrichment on cats in shelters. Supervised by Richard Peters (La Trobe) & Kylie Robert (La Trobe)


  • Larissa Wheeler (Honours 2013) – Marsupial Sex Allocation: Does offspring sex vary with maternal ability to invest during lactation? Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe)

  • Emily Moore (Honours 2012) – High density and resource competition drives male-biased sex allocation in a captive breeding colony of Bridled nailtail wallabies (Onychogalea fraenata), in south-western NSW? Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe) & Matt Hayward (Australian Wildlife Conservancy)


  • Bridget Doyle (Honours 2012) – Host plant quality drives offspring phenotypes and reproductive investment in a parthenogenetic viviparous aphid. Supervised by Kylie Robert, Martin Steinbauer (La Trobe),  Piotr Trebicki (DPI)


  • Shannon Braun (Research Project 2011) – Milk composition during lactation is a mechanism for male biased allocation of maternal resources in a wallaby. Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe)


  • Inshani Sappideen (Honours 2011) – Sex allocation, diet and body condition in the Fat-tailed Dunnart (Sminthopsis crassicaudata). Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe)


  • Megan Callander (Honours 2010) – Effects of an endocrine disrupting contaminant (atrazine) on sexual differentiation and offspring fitness in the Murray River Turtle (Emydura macquarii). Supervised by Ricky Spencer (UWS) and Kylie Robert (La Trobe).

  • Rebecca McCracken (Honours 2009) – Insufficient evidence that disease is preventing the recovery of the key populations of brush-tailed phascogale (Phascogale tapoatafa) in south-western Australia. Supervised by Kylie Robert (UWA/La Trobe) and Adrian Wayne (DEC).