Lab Head

  • Dr Kylie Robert

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Honorary Research fellows

  •  Dr Zak Atkins – Zak’s interests are in threatened species and alpine ecology. He is a Guthega skink expert and  also director of his own consultancy company “Snowline Ecology”.

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  •  Dr Steve Griffiths – Steve’s interests are all things microbats and the use of supplementary habitat for hollow dependent wildlife.


Current PhD Candidates

  • Danielle Eastick (PhD candidate) – Sex in the city: Reproductive ecology of Gould’s wattled bats. Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe), Amy Edwards (La Trobe) & Katherine Harrison (La Trobe) Thesis passed with minor revision Feb 2023


  • Lauren Tworkowski (PhD candidate) – Thermoregulatory capabilities of Little penguins in relation to anthropogenic climate change. Supervised by  Kylie Robert (La Trobe), Ursula Ellenberg (University of Otago), John Lesku (La Trobe) & Peter Dann (Phillip Island)


  • Alicia Dimovski (PhD candidate) – Artificial light pollution: quantifying and mitigating the ecological and health consequences in Australian mammals. Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe) & Amy Edwards (La Trobe)


  • Kelly Williams (PhD candidate) – How does animal personality affect translocation success of native mammals? Consequences for threatened species conservation. Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe), Kerry Fanson (La Trobe) & Richard Peters (La Trobe)


  • Angela (Ange) Russell (PhD candidate) – The marsupial gut microbiome – Improving release outcomes by optimising disruption of host-associated microbial diversity when in care. Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe), Ashley Franks & Steve Petrovski (La Trobe)

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  • Kushini Kularatne (PhD candidate) – Is female dominance and aggression a driver of sexual selection and reproductive success. Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe) & Richard Peters (La Trobe)

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  • Angela Simms (PhD candidate) – Turtle head-starting for conservation. Supervised by James Van Dyke (La Trobe), Kylie Robert (La Trobe) & Ricky Spencer (Western Sydney)

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  • Erika Zaid (PhD candidate) – Reproductive sleeplessness in Dasyurid marsupials. Supervised by John Lesku (La Trobe) & Kylie Robert (La Trobe)


  • Regan Terry (Masters candidate) – Out foxing the fox. Supervised by James VanDyke (La Trobe), & Kylie Robert (La Trobe)

Current Honours Students

  • William Wilson (Honours candidate) – Prey discrimination by Little whip snakes (Suta flagellum). Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe)
  • Nicholas Gale (Honours candidate) – Ecology of a data deficient skink, Egernia roomi.  Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe), David Chapple (Monash) & Jules Farquhar (Monash)
  • Stacey Phillips (Honours candidate) -Surviving urbanisation: determining the genetics of remnant populations of White’s skink, Liopholis whitii.  Supervised by Kylie Robert (La Trobe)  & Katherine Harrison (La Trobe)

Lab Manager

  • Dash (Chief morale booster) Completed training under the guidance of Molly (the best dog in the world)


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