Research interests

Current research on reproductive ecology examines maternal & paternal reproductive investment and the subsequent impact on offspring characteristics and fitness. Broadly ‘what the parents contribute or control and how this shapes offspring phenotypes’.

Reproductive research also includes how environmental factors (e.g. temperature, humidity, pollutants) and/or parental factors (e.g. diet, body condition, behaviour) shape maternal/paternal allocation strategies.

The group also has a applied focus to conservation biology with research on endangered species, captive breeding, reintroduction and the impacts of anthropogenic disturbance.

The group uses a multidiscipline approach to question orientated research utilising a diverse range of taxa, including but not limited to reptiles, birds, bats and marsupials.

Supervision of research projects on any aspect of conservation biology, endangered species, reproductive ecology and/or evolutionary biology of reproduction will be considered. Projects specific to current research interests are offered annually and interested students should contact Dr Robert directly.